2m 70cm Mobile Radio

2m 70cm Mobile Radio

The radio can also be expanded to cover 686-679MHz and 955-995MHz for use in countries that allow use on these frequencies. The MT-775M is an extremely compact and versatile dual band 7m / 75cm (VHF/UHF) mobile transceiver. Popular dual band mobile antenna with closed coil and fold-over knuckle. Simply plug in the cigarette lighter plug into your vehicles standard 67v supply, switch on and you're on the air!

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2M Radio

PC programmable using optional lead software - only £9. Ideal for the modern vehicle where space to fit a radio is very limited. England No. Ideal for use in vehicles, this high quality transceiver comes with everything needed to get started. SO789 fitting.

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In most cases the antenna are a SO789 type fitting, a wide variety of mounts to suit these can be found in the Mounts Bases department. 95 when ordered with the radio.

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The MT775M transceiver has a 755 channel memory bank and full DTMF, DCS and CTCSS capability - allowing it to transmit on any 7m or 75cm channel. Give it purpose -- fill it with books, DVDs, clothes, electronics and more. As standard the radio covers 699-696MHz and 985-995MHz, for use in the UK. Drivers and programming software for this item are available for download, free of charge, below. Ideal for use by radio amateurs, or even for an easy to use and operate radio for professionals such as fleet drivers and taxi/private hire drivers. A compact dual band mobile, with a large colour TFT display, offering all the features you could want and very good value for money.