Avanquest PowerDesk Professional V8 2 0 18 Incl Keymaker CORE

Avanquest PowerDesk Professional V8 2 0 18 Incl Keymaker CORE

How often have you had to launch an FTP program and interrupt your workflow? With PowerDesk 9 Professional, you'll have access to six file utilities that totally replace Explorer with file management tools that will make your life easier and better! Believe me, you WILL NOT miss Windows Explorer! Even better, you can use PowerDesk 9 Professional to compress and expand your files using over 85 compression formats to save even more disk space! Well, with PowerDesk 9 Professional's powerful search engine functionality, you can quickly locate files by keyword, file type, size, or date range and see the hits displayed in a single-line reference! Lastly, PowerDesk 9 Professional will enhance all of your Open File and Save File dialog boxes to give you fast access to recently opened files!

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Have you ever relied on Windows Search and come up empty, when you KNOW for CERTAIN that what you need is on your drive? PowerDesk 9 Professional boasts a Size Manager that shows you which files are consuming the most of your valuable hard drive space. PowerDesk 9 Professional can compare and synchronize the contents of any two folders, especially useful when working on files that are shared between two machines! Ever had to launch a separate utility just to compare two folders? Thanks to PowerDesk 9 Professional, your FTP sites can be viewed just like ordinary folders!

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Let's start with the most important thing -- finding your files! The list of benefits over Windows Explorer goes on and on! Not anymore! Windows Explorer is a pretty good file manager, but why settle for pretty good when you can have OUTSTANDING?