Cervelo p3 Manual

Cervelo p3 Manual

75 Cerv lo S5 Supplementary Manual. We hope you enjoy the S5 as much as we do. Replaceable Derailleur Mounts. Enjoy the ride and thanks for choosing Cerv lo. Fork Installation Your Cerv lo S5 uses a fork which has been engineered specifically to fit this bike and maximize performance. It contains important installation and set-up information.


NOTE: This manual is designed as a supplement to your Cerv lo Owner s Manual, and is specific to the unique features of the S5. Maintenance and Replacement Instructions. ASSEMbly INSTRUCTIONS A. S5 Supplementary manual 7566 - 7569 Cerv lo S5 Supplementary Manual.

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FEATURES DIAGRAM A Map To Your Cerv lo S5 Drainage hole Single bend cable guide Front Derailleur cable hole Di7 battery cable hole Rear Derailleur cable hole Di7 Shift control cable hole Di7 battery holder mount Cerv lo S5 Supplementary Manual. Please familiarize yourself with the complete Cerv lo Fork Owner s Manual supplied with the bike before proceeding with any installation or service.