Mohabbatein arab

Mohabbatein arab

Would you like Naamkarann going off-air? Let Naamkaran end on a good note. Two new faces had taken over the entire country thanks to their film Hero. No please don t end this lovely serial Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please. Rishi Kapoor, meanwhile, announced, Damini, MS, lives happily with hubby Harish Mysore and 7 kids, girl and a boy in Dallas, U. Hopefully it would get a happy ending.

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Naamkaran’s storyline is going towards a climax. Katkar rose to fame with the Jumma song and disappeared as quickly. Meenakshi joined Twitter soon after. Neil wanted his son in his life. Let Avneil unite in the end leaving aside all their hatred and frustrations for Mogli. I stopped watching when they separated Avneil and consumed half time in Saisha s drama. They aren t rumours. Visiting relatives, can work in film if a good role (sic) The 'Jumma' girl. Neil doesn’t forgive Avni for her lies, which he takes as a cheat. She is married to photographer Shantanu Shorey and the couple has two kids. The following yesteryear actresses fall in the same bracket. Moreover I feel simply dragging the show is of no use. Neil receives a big shock. Star Plus’ Naamkaran is rumoured to go off air soon. Her light eyes left the entire country mesmerised, to the extent that Mayuri had to opt for finishing her bachelor's degree from home. She left the industry after a spate of flops and unreleased films and married an NRI in 7558. Mowgli will be bringing Avni and Neil together, towards the end of the show. She welcomed a son in 7566. She and Naseeruddin Shah danced to the tunes of Oye Oye and then disappeared from the limelight. The name rings a bell, doesn't it? Kango shifted to the US, and began working there after getting an MBA. Neil decides to claim for Mowgli’s custody. Sonam married filmmaker Rajiv Rai and left the country after getting several extortion calls from the underworld. Neil regrets to live a saddened life when his wife and son were existing. How many of these actresses do you remember?

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He gets angered on his fate. You could be ruling the screen one day and be forgotten the next. Next in the list is Ishqbaaz. But the long-haired beauty from Ghar Se Nikalte Hi from the film Papa Kehte Hai disappeared before the film could even leave the screens. It is a unique show and with the same stretch let it end giving a meaning to its title Let us know in this poll. Till you resurface at some party somewhere and you're in the news again. Most of the Star Plus shows are seeing a closure. He didn’t imagine that Avni would be alive and living somewhere far from him, putting him in a sorrowful phase of losing his love. Neil gets disheartened that Avni has taken away his rights, as he deserved to be a father. Kango works in digital advertising and is currently settled in Gurgaon. Neil was already hating Avni after knowing her survival. Neil discovers about Avni’s big lie to hide their son Mowgli from him. It was 6988. Amitabh Bachchan shouting for a 'jumma chumma' while Kimi Katkar dances to a group of men is pretty much the single scene from Hum that hasn't been eroded from public memory. He couldn’t understand why Avni had become such stone-hearted and took all the decisions alone, when it was about his life as well. Showbiz is a strange place. She starred in a few utterly forgettable films before rising to fame with the song Oye Oye from Tridev. Ishqbaaz is also in the line of the shows that can go off-air. It s confirmed that Krishna Chali London will replace it. Sonam is now settled in Switzerland with her husband and son. Meenakshi Sheshadri starred in a string of succesful films like Damini, Ghayal, Ghatak, etc. She then moved to the US after marrying investment banker Harish Mysore.